If you’re looking at buying a new office chair but are confused by all the options out there it can be easy to stick to something you know – which is more often than not a simple foam based task chair with a standard fabric upholstery.

But this isn’t always the best option and you could be missing out on a chair that not only looks after your body but could also be the most cost effective solution too.

So, what are the benefits of mesh chairs?

1 Ventilation

Traditional foam padded chairs act as insulators trapping heat between your body and the chair. This can cause uncomfortable sweating, even in an air conditioned office. Mesh chairs provide proper ventilation keeping the user cool, comfortable and dry. Ventilation can also help to minimise muscle fatigue.

2  Easy to Clean

Spillages and general maintenance are easily handled in the case of mesh chairs. Most wipe down quickly and easily with a damp cloth, making expensive shampoos and treatments a thing of the past.

3 Stylish & Modern

With the popularity of mesh chairs rising, designers have not only looked at improving ergonomic support but also aesthetic appeal. There are now a wide variety of customisable mesh office chairs on the market and many fit in to the fresher, modern, minimalistic trend.

4 Durability

Mesh chairs retain their shape well and generally see less wear and tear than fabric upholstered office chairs. There is less chance of a mesh chair ripping or areas becoming worn and frayed.

5 Ergonomic Posture Support

A mesh chair may not look comfortable on first glance but they can actually be more supportive than padded chairs. They can help to improve posture and reduce musculoskeletal disorders. They offer an array of adjustments and provide a firm, supportive structure. Many mesh chairs offer the buyer the option to upholster the seat for increased comfort whilst keeping the mesh back for postural support and ventilation.




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